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We own and operate a fleet of Bell 206BIII helicopters, which have the best safety record of any helicopter ever built. It is also the most popular turbine helicopter ever built.

All of our spray helicopters utilize the Microfoil Boom Drift Control Systems equipped with one of four different nozzle sizes and differential GPS systems coupled with flow controls. These precision state of the art systems allow our pilots real-time graphic moving map displays that provide a visual guidance to right of ways, swaths sprayed, field boundaries, skips and overlaps.

Our pilots will input desired application rates directly through the pilot interface in the cockpit and let the onboard computer automatically adjust sprayboom pressure to ensure accurate unvarying applications, regardless of airspeeds, while tracking acreages sprayed. These systems greatly increase accuracy and efficiency, reducing pilot fatigue, skips, fuel consumption, and overall application costs.

Our Peterbilt Batch trucks are equipped with custom made aluminum and stainless steel tank systems. They are equipped with “on top” helipads allowing for greater freedom in choosing the best landing zones closest to the work site, computerized transferring of liquids to ensure accurate mixing of herbicides, built in leak containment pans in the event of a leaking pump and pressure washers for cleaning of equipment.