Industrial Helicopters is committed to the safety and health of its employees. Industrial Helicopters employs individuals, not only highly trained in their particular field of expertise, but are also trained to understand and adhere to Industrials’ safety requirements. Upon hiring, all employees are required to pass a drug screening test and participate in the company’s random drug test program.
Industrial Helicopters annually implements its own inhouse recurrent training program at our home base in Scott, Louisiana that includes:
  • Bell Helicopter Textron ground school which covers cockpit controls and instrumentation, airframe, power plant, and all aircraft systems, normal procedures, emergency procedures, operating limitations, performance techniques and potential emergencies associated with aerial application.
  • Bell Helicopter Textron flight school which covers familiarization of the 206 BIII helicopter, instruction in the turbine engine operation, and flight instruction in the normal flight maneuvers and emergency procedures. Simulated emergency procedures include governor failure, hydraulic failures, engine failures and tail rotor malfunctions.
  • Presentations on pesticide laws, rules, labeling, handling, storage, disposal and pesticide application record keeping.
  • Thorough presentations on chemical drift, weather conditions associated with drift and how to set up equipment for drift minimization.

Our recurrent training program is currently accepted by over 21 State Departments of Agriculture for re-certification requirements and we can obtain approval in more states as required. In addition to our annual recurrent training, we conduct tailgate safety meetings out in the field, discussing any potential hazards that may be unique to each job we perform. Management will also conduct random safety inspections throughout the year.

All of our aircraft are maintained by licensed A&P mechanics to the strictest accordances of the manufacturers maintenance manuals, in addition to conducting 100 hour inspections.